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CK-4101 CHAKMAK 3 LTR DEEP KADHAI INDUCTION BASE HARD ANODIZED 1.240 KG,Induction Bottom,3 Litre,One Piece,Stainless Steel,Mirror Finish,With Lid,3 Litre

Capacity 3 Litre
Design With Lid
Finish Type Mirror Finish
Material Stainless Steel
Packing Type One Piece
Size 3 Litre
Style Induction Bottom
Weight 1.240 KG
Availability In stock
Brand Chakmak
HSN code 761510
Country of Orgin Made in INDIA

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2.4 times harder than steel, Stainless steel lid, long life hard anodysed finish, stays looking new for years, Metal ladles canbe used, heat faster-saves more fuell